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Choosing your colour palette

Choosing your colour palette

Choosing a colour palette is one of the first steps to planning your wedding flowers and we like to think it’s also one of the most exciting parts! We love talking colour, as the colours you choose really do help to set the tone for the day as well as reflecting your unique style. There are a number of things to consider when choosing your colour palette, such as the style of the venue, the season in which your wedding takes place and the colours which you naturally gravitate towards and which spark joy. Here are some of our tips for choosing your perfect colour palette. 

Your style and aesthetic

Begin by having a think about your overall style and aesthetic for the day. It can be easy to get carried away with certain trends and ideas you see on Pinterest or Instagram, but it’s important for you to feel your flowers feel authentic to you and your style. Perhaps you can take cues from your home and wardrobe. Do you tend to gravitate towards bright bold colours or soft neutrals? Maybe you’re somewhere in between, a mix of soft earthy tones with pops of deep burgundy to add depth and drama. 

The vibe for the day

Have a think about the overall feel for the day. This is usually the first question we ask couples when we start our consultations. How do you want your day to feel? For an elegant and timeless feel, you may opt for a more classic colour palette of whites and greens, perhaps with a touch of blush pink or powder blue should you want to incorporate a little colour contrast. For a fun and relaxed party feel, you may lean more towards a brighter, more vibrant colour palette. The venue will undoubtedly offer some guidance on this, so have a little think about your venue and what made you choose it.

The season

There are no rules when it comes to picking flowers to match the season, but in the middle of the summer when you’re in the midst of planning your October wedding, it can be easy to forget how much you enjoy the warm cinnamon hues and rich berry tones by the time it’s Autumn. Thinking again about how you want your day to feel, the season we’re in and how the natural colours around us really influence our mood and what we enjoy doing day-to-day. In Spring, we tend to enjoy the fresh feeling we get when the pastel coloured Spring flowers start appearing from the soil, it can influence our wardrobe and the colours we tend to gravitate towards. Most importantly your flowers should reflect your style and personality, but it could be worth considering the season you are getting married in and whether this could influence the colours you enjoy being surrounded with.

The venue and interiors

Consider the interiors of the ceremony and reception spaces, taking cues from the colours which are already part of the decor. This is particularly relevant with grand country houses, where often the historic dining room or gallery spaces take on a certain colour scheme. For example, if the walls of the room where your wedding breakfast takes place are a deep red, you may opt for regal jewel tones over soft earthy tones to keep the florals in keeping with the style of the interiors. Your wedding venue may be a complete blank canvas which allows for more flexibility in the choice of colours.

Ask your florist

If you’re still feeling a little unsure on your choice of colours, speak with your florist and see what they would advise. After all, we have worked with many different colour palettes in a variety of beautiful venues, so we tend to get a feel for what works well. We want to help you find a colour scheme and style which feels true to you and how you want your day to feel and once you have that nailed, all the other decisions for your wedding day become so much easier.