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Planning your wedding flowers

Planning your wedding flowers

The florals for your wedding day play a big part in setting the tone, creating an atmosphere you've always dreamt of, as well as reflecting your style and personality. With so much inspiration available at your fingertips, all the beautiful ideas available on Pinterest and Instagram can feel both exciting and overwhelming. Whatever your budget may be, there are secrets in the trade for planning your wedding flowers effectively and making the most out of your budget. 


Working with the seasons

By working with the seasons, you can produce designs which are synonymous with their natural surroundings. Choosing flower varieties which are in season is not only more environmentally friendly, with a higher quantity available on the market during their season, they are often most cost effective. Aside from the benefits in terms of costs and sustainability, by opting to work with a style and colour palette as opposed to specific flower varieties, you have a far bigger selection of flower varieties to choose from, allowing your florist to get creative with interesting  varieties you may not have seen before and produce designs which are delicate, textured and completely unique!

Image credit: Jessica Reeves 


Choosing modular designs

By choosing modular designs which can easily be moved from the ceremony to the reception, your florals can be enjoyed and appreciated multiple times throughout your wedding day. Whilst you and your guests are enjoying your drinks reception, your team of florists will be sneaking meadow arrangements from the church to the wedding breakfast without your guests even noticing! Meadows which line the aisle are a perfect example of a modular design, as they can easily be moved and placed in front of the top table, on top of a fireplace or even reused as table centrepieces. If carefully placed, the broken arch which featured as your ceremony backdrop can also be used as a fabulous backdrop for your top table or even your wedding cake. 

Image credit: The Readers


Incorporating a showpiece

Spreading your budget thinly across lots of smaller designs can make your flowers feel lost and sometimes a little insignificant. By putting more of your budget towards one large showpiece design, you will achieve maximum impact with designs which take your breath away as you enter the room! When opting for a stylish floral chandelier suspended above your wedding breakfast, or a stunning floral broken arch at the entrance to your ceremony space, you create a talking point for your guests as well as some truly special photo opportunities.

Image credit: Paula Harston


Working with a floral designer

By selecting a florist who has a passion for design (like us!) and allowing them a little creative freedom, the floral designs for your day will be completely unique and tailored to your style and venue. We love to walk into a space and think of unique ways to incorporate florals, working with the accents of a room and producing floral designs which are tailored to your venue as though they were always there.

Image credit: Heidi Marfitt