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How To Care For Your Wreath

How To Care For Your Wreath

All of our wreaths are created using long lasting materials, many of which will dry slowly and still look beautiful. Though there are a few tips you can follow to keep your wreath looking fresh for as long as possible.


Wreath Types

There are two types of wreath: a mossed wreath and an oasis wreath.  You can find out which wreath type you have by looking at the back - if its a hard green foam back then it's an Oasis wreath whereas if the base is a wire frame it's a mossed wreath. We use mossed wreaths wherever possible as they are kinder to the environment. 


Caring for Mossed Wreaths

Mossed wreaths are made with sphagnum moss which gives the wreath a good profile whilst acting like a natural sponge. The spongey texture helps to hold moisture and keep the materials a little more hydrated. Exposure to the elements, such as sun and wind, can dry your wreath out over time. To keep the wreath hydrated, spray the back of the wreath with a water spray bottle to bring moisture back to the moss base. Use the spritzing function of the spray bottle to spritz the foliage on the front of the wreath to give it some extra moisture - just try to avoid spraying your decorations so they don't get damp and mouldy!


Caring for Oasis Wreaths

To keep your oasis wreath hydrated, add a little water to the base every few days by carefully watering through the materials at the front of the wreath. An empty bottle or small watering can would work well for this. You can also spritz the foliage at the front using the spritzing setting on a water spray bottle but try to work around flowers/berries so they don't get too damp. Once you've watered your wreath, it will drip water for a little while so hang it outside or stand in the sink until the excess water has dripped away.