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How To Look After Your Hydrangeas

How To Look After Your Hydrangeas

Hydrangea season is one of our favourite times of year. We all love these showstopping, giant blooms for their bright colours and high impact. Hydrangeas are a versatile flower and although they can be costly per stem, they give a lot of bang for their buck. They look fabulous en masse, as part of a hand-tied arrangement or for pops of colour and bigger impact in larger installations. They can also be dried and retain their gorgeous colour, creating a fabulous all year round display. They can however be prone wilting due to their thirsty nature and woody stems, meaning they struggle to absorb all the water they need to stay looking as big and beautiful as when you first received them. Thankfully though there are a few tips you can try to keep your hydrangeas looking fabulous for longer.


Regularly Re-cut Stems

Aim to re-cut a little (1-2 cm) off hydrangea stems every couple of days to keep them drinking. In fact giving all of the flowers in your bouquet a regular fresh cut really helps them to keep absorbing and prolong their life. Re-cut the stems at a 45 degree angle before putting them straight back into the water.


Use Flower Food

The flower food sachet included with your delivery helps to prolong the life of your flowers. Be sure to add it to your vase with water when you first pop your bouquet in your vase. 


Give Them a Soak

Did you know that hydrangeas also drink through their petals? To revive wilted hydrangeas, fill a bowl, container or sink with warm-ish water and dunk the hydrangeas (head and all) in it for 30-40 minutes. When you pop them back in your vase, they should revive within an hour.


Use Boiling Water

Hydrangeas release a type of sap on the bottom of their stems when cut which can prevent them from effectively absorbing water. You can also revive hydrangeas by cutting the stem at a 45 degree angle before making a vertical cut around an inch up the centre of the stem. Dip the stem in boiling water for 60 seconds before putting it back into your arrangement and the hydrangea should revive within an hour or so.